Business Structure

Well if it was, there would be an extremely high degree of business successes. Unfortunately, the reality is much different. The fact is, what may appear to be an overly simplified statement, is in fact quite difficult to achieve in practice. Especially if you don’t have a tried and proven system to follow. The majority of business owners, learn their successful traits through a time consuming and often costly processes, called experience. This method involves trialling a new idea, making mistakes, and continuing the processes, persistently.

We have invested considerable resources to develop our HBA Encompass Business Partnering Service. We have structured processes to work as a partner in your business to ensure your business value is increased.

Thinking strategically about future changes in the marketplace can be the key to running a sustainable business. Our aim is to ensure your business has the flexibility to sidestep foreseeable difficulties and better respond to the unexpected ones. Should you run into trouble, our team will assess your business, identify its weak spots and do everything possible to maximise and extract the value from your business.

We want to help improve your bottom line, not just tell you what it is!

Our business support services include:

  • Company Secretarial Services (ASIC)
  • Business Life Planning (BLP) Services
  • Business start-up planning and Tax Matters
  • Financial management
  • Financial information systems
  • Computer systems advice
  • Cashflow forecasting and management
  • Efficient billing and cash collection
  • Business Valuation
  • Value Gap Analysis Services
  • Business Development and Improvement
  • Long term plans for your business and your exit
  • Staff Value Programme (SVP)

…and much more.