How to use podcasting to promote your business

Do you listen to podcasts? I always thought podcasts a  something people would listen to when going for a run for some reason. I’m not a runner. I don’t look like a runner. I can’t run. But I always thought that’s what people did. When they go for a run. They put their music on their podcast on and off they go.

Since we bought our Gympie office, I am absolutely loving podcasts.  I hit the highway, podcast goes on, cruise control on, then I’m 100k up the road while listening to something entertaining and informative.  Podcasts are a really good way, for very little outlay to get your information out to people, podcasts are absolutely fantastic.

There are all kinds of podcasts:

  • comedy shows
  • news podcasts
  • technical podcasts
  • informational podcasts
  • general chats
  • interviews with people

the actual genre that you want to have your podcast is up to you.

There are also new types of podcasts, I’ve forgotten the exact wording I think they are called shortcasts. It’s a really  short snippet of five or 10 minutes. These are excellent because you can listen to short, sharp snippets –  we can hear the gist of the whole information succinctly in a really quick timeframe. You don’t have to sit there and bang on for 45 minutes about your topic. All have to do is to  have a list of what you’re going to talk about and have a chat. Bring someone in who’s an expert on another topic and ask them questions, whatever it happens to be.

Podcasts are a really good way to get your business out there. It’s a really good way for people to get to know you. And if you ever want to listen to ours. It’s got some new episodes coming out shortly, \t it’s called “Tales from the Front Seat”.

To expand your knowledge, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel by clicking the link below. Don’t miss the opportunity to subscribe and stay informed about our latest uploads.

YouTube link: www.youtube.com/channel/UCvpSgE5c-ZsKaeB-HO4umkg

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