How to source content marketing to promote your business

How to source content marketing to promote your business

Marketing, love it or hate it. I think getting content to talk about for your marketing is one of the things that business owners hate. The thing is, they’ve got all this knowledge of what they do in their business, but how do they pinpoint which pieces to pull  out of  their head, to be able to sprout to the world of what they do and how they can help people.

Now there’s numerous ways of doing this, I’ll give you a little explanation of how I went about creating this. What we do with our marketing is we look at it on a 12-month basis, and we have different themes for different months. So, January is starting a business month. What we do then is we put it into chat GPT, and we say, give me 55 topics on starting a business. We put them in a spreadsheet and then we drag them, and we move them to the ones that we think we have the knowledge, or we can talk about going to the top. We delve down until we’ve got the number of pieces of content that we need.

Planning just doesn’t stop there. They’re great ideas and you’ve got some topics that you’re going to talk about but there are other things to consider.

Firstly, you need to work out how often you’re going to do the marketing and what you’re going to do. That’s a whole another topic whatsoever. But once you’ve worked out, say for instance, I need to do 20 blogs per month. That’s cool. And how do I do it? Well, what you’re reading right now is the secret. I’ve got a list, I then take some time to setup my phone and I simply chat about the topic on video.

This video is going to be uploaded to a Google Drive for my marketing lady. She’s going to edit it. Then she’s going to use a transcription service, we use but you can use Rev or something similar. It’s going to suck all the words out of this video and then we edit it to take out all the words it doesn’t like because of my Aussie accent. A file can then be uploaded back into the video to give it captions so it reads nicely. Then the video is loaded onto Facebook, LinkedIn and our Website.  An extra step is making it into something that that reads a blog and this copy is added below the video on our website so the Google Bots can pick it up and use it for SEO.

Sometimes, you need to put a bit of a copywriting hat on and move some paragraphs around and stuff, that’s ok because we usually don’t’ write exactly the same way we talk. Now we’ve got a written blog and then we can take snippets of the video if there are some interesting bits in there. We can put these on social media, we can take snippets of the wording and we can use that in social media, there’s really at least seven ways for me recording this video that we can get content out there.

So, all I have to say is put your big girl panties on, stand in front of your camera, even if you don’t want to use the video, you can use the content out of it and someone else can then take that content to make something that’s useful for you. If you can sit there and pump out a heap of blogs in a short period of time that then someone else can it to create your social media content or your marketing content. Use the AI tools to give you structure and ideas, don’t use their written words because guess what? It writes like a chatbot and I expect that pretty soon websites will be penalized for having copy that is obviously written like a chatbot.


In summary the steps are:

  1. Use Chat GPT to brainstom ideas
  2. Create a content calender
  3. Create your videos – batch them and do a few at a time, it’s more efficient, especially if you are in the mood to do it.
  4. Transcribe your videos
  5. Edit your videos to add captions
  6. Extract quotes or small snippets
  7. Go hard on your social posts

If you want more information about what we do and how we do it, feel free to reach out.

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