How to create a website and online presence

How to create a website and online presence

If you’ve got a business, do you need a website? And do you need an online presence? My unequivocal answer to that is hell yes, you do! Everyone these days searches on Google, they search on Facebook, they want to know who you are. They want to know about you and your business and your culture and your values.

Now, some businesses are all about price. I mean, people buy stuff off sites like Temu because it’s ridiculously cheap. I’ve heard rumors, it’s not so cheap. But look, the thing is, unless you’re providing a service that’s cheap and easy and easily changes interchangeable between different people, then you want to have who you are coming out from every bit of marketing that you do, you want to have a website.

Now there’s hundreds of different ways you can build websites, you can get a Wix websites, which are free and or a WordPress website, they’re probably the most common. My suggestion is to talk to a website developer and a website can be from as little as $500, up to hundreds of 1000s of dollars, depending on what you want.

But you want to have a website with at least five pages on it. These shouldbe:

  • A home page
  • an about us
  • our team’s
  • contact us; and
  • a blog.

They are the minimum,  you need at least five pages on your website.

You also need to have some social media presence. Some businesses lend that to the to their business better than others. I mean, we’re accountants, whatever we’re going to put up, no one really wants to sit and look at a set of financial statements but we focus on business building or the outcomes we have achieved for clients.

I was an interior designer, I’d love to have pictures of the room and how good it looks. Or if I was creating clothing. I’d love to have a picture of my clothing on a model.

So, you’ve got to have a website and you’ve got to have a social media presence. It can be done on the cheap. It can be done well, and it can be done quickly. You generally can’t have all three of those, so you need to make that decision.

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