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Hi Victoria here from Zest for Success. And today I want to have a chat to you about starting your business and whether you have a paper based business or a paperless business. In this day and age, technology is everything. I know as a bookkeeper and accountant that I deal with a lot of paper, but I hate paperwork. And my suggestion to you is to try and use technology to the utmost to reduce your reliance on paper. There’s two reasons for this one is double entry. If you’re writing an invoice on a bit of paper and then putting into your accounting system, it means you need to do it twice. And also risk of loss if you’re using paper invoices or paper receipts. You may not keep them when you need them to be able to give to your bookkeeper, or your house might burn down you might lose them all. If you use a paperless system, it’s possible to change these paper receipts into electronic formats, which means that you’ve always got a copy, means if you want it, your tax agent looks at it, your bookkeeper or even the tax office, you can get it quickly and simply. And one tip I’ve got for you today is using receipt bank. So receipt bank can actually take paper invoices or pictures, emails, PDFs, anything for expenses and income and turn it into a digital format that flows through to Xero. So my suggestion to you is get on Xero invoice on the go. Use receipt bank for anything that doesn’t come directly into Xero and transform your life. You don’t need to cart around an invoice book or a satchel or a paper bag full of receipts. Embrace technology, so paper versus paperless. I am well and truly on the stage of paperless. If you need help with this give us a call. HBA Encompass does have a great deal on receipt bank which we can forward through to our clients and also Bookkeeper Hub and Zest for Success clients as well. So give the office a call 54447094 or check out our website hbaencompass.com.au, bookkeeperhub.com.au and zest4success.com.au. Any questions feel free to give me a yell.

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