Z4S Why do I need a Business Name

Hi there, Victoria from Zest for Success. Today’s is why question is why do I need a business name? So if you have a business that runs with just your name, for instance, Victoria Berry Bookkeeping, you probably don’t need a business name unless there are other Victoria Berrys who are bookkeepers around the world. Now, who know,s I do a Google search and there’s an actress in America called Victoria Berry, chances are she’s not going to be a bookkeeper. But I don’t know that. So if I want to protect my business, I need to have a business name. Particularly if it’s something different so if I just had blue pool care and someone down in New South Wales or Victoria had a business called blue pool care, then they can actually launch a claim against me and take the earnings from my business. That’s pretty scary. I don’t know about you, but I work too hard to give my earnings to somebody else. So where possible. If you’re operating as a sole trader, or partnership, or a trust or a company where you want to have a business name that’s separate to your legal name, make sure you register that business name. Once it’s registered. It doesn’t matter where in Australia people look for it. They can’t replicate it.

So that is why you need a business name registration.

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