HBAE Why People Need Accountants

Hi there, Victoria from HBA Encompasss and today in my episode of why I’m answering why people need accountants. Yes, you can load your tax return yourself. But my question to you is, have you had 20 years of experience to know all the ins and outs of Australia tax law? Australia’s tax law, is it a book of books about that high is extremely complicated. And it’s something that we do at least three years at uni for and then go on to do CPA or CA qualifications, which extends our knowledge. Not only that we know where to find the information should we need to go looking for something. So using accountants for tax makes sense because we know the rules. Yes, bookkeepers can do your book work, nothing against bookkeepers. In fact, I’ve got a bookkeeping business myself, but accountants are different to bookkeepers. For one thing, they can lodge and give advice on tax returns. The other is they have years of experience advising clients on business management. Did you know your accountant can do business management and business management so a really wide kind of scope, it could be helping someone who is in distress get back on top of things. It could be someone who’s buying a new business, helping them get set up the right way, making sure they’ve got the right structure, the right bookkeeping system, the right HR, know what they need to do as far as training employees. Or it may be someone who’s in business who wants to get ahead quicker, because accountants have had all this experience with talking to other clients that they know what doesn’t doesn’t work. So they can work with you to make the most of what you’ve got, and improve it, no matter what it is that you like. It could be more money, more time, better lifestyle, whatever it is that you’re after, accountants can definitely help you with that. So that’s a quick one minute overview of why businesses need accountants

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