HBAE Cost of Setting Up Company

Hi there, Victoria from HBA Encompass back with another why question. And today the question is, why does it cost more for an accountant to set a company up? Then what it does if I go through ASIC itself? And the answer is really simple, because we give advice with the setup, not only do we get the ASIC forms correct, which you would expect that we do, but we look at your individual situation, we help you work out who the directors are, who the shareholders are, to make sure that we’ve got the right responsibilities for the right people and the right asset protection. The other thing that we do, which generally lawyers don’t do, and doing it yourself is an extra step is that we set up all the other registrations. So first of all, we act as your ASIC agent, which means if ASIC wants to talk to you, they talk to us instead of harassing you. . We handle your registrations, tax file number, ABN, PAYG withholding if you’ve got staff, fuel tax credits if you’re going to be running heavy machinery or auxiliary equipment, so they’re the kind of things that you may not know the answers to. We also make sure that you GST registrations the right registration for you. What’s your turn over? How often do you want to send it away, how often you’re going to pay your employees How much is the PAYG each month that you’re going to be remitting so we make sure that we get the best outcome for you. And that takes time for our professionals and our admin staff. That is why setting up a company through an accountant is more expensive than setting it up yourself. It’s as simple as the right results. I’ll see you on the other side.

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