HBA Afterpay and Zip Pay

Hi there, Victoria from HBA Encompass. And I want to talk to you about after-pay and zip-pay. I did some research for a client the other day who wanted to offer that to their customer. And I was absolutely horrified at the fees that were involved. I’ve seen the posters or the stickers when you go into shops, and they offer it. And as a consumer you’re going you know, that’s awesome. I can buy this now and pay for it later, helps the economy, helps me get the shirt that I want at the time. But then I thought about the ramifications, and what it does is there are two things. One is that the actual business that you buying from has ridiculous amounts of fees on that, now I was looking at zip-pay in particular. And it depends on the length of time the consumer chooses to pay off whatever it is that they they buy. So if you pay it off over 12 months, it might be 15%. But if you pay it over 48 months, it can be up to 25%, which means that the person who’s selling it only get 75% of the purchase price, because they’re funding the interest component for you to be able to walk out the door the product that you’re selling. Now, that obviously has ramifications for their business. But what it may do is encourage them to increase the price of the product. So my suggestion to business owners is that you do increase your prices if people are going to be able to use zip-pay or after-pay because you don’t want to be losing 25% margin on sale of a product because that’s just ridiculous. But also as a consumer, when you go in, ask the question, if I pay cash for this, how much will it cost? If I put it on zip pay, what is the cost, and then you make the call yourself as to which one that you’re prepared to pay. So that’s zip-pay and after-pay, I suppose all the other cards work exactly the same way. But it’s something to think about next time you go shopping, or if you want to offer those services to your clients. So if you’ve got any questions, of course, give the office a call 5444 7094 or go to our website hbaencompass.com.au and book an appointment.

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