Hi, Victoria here from The Bookkeeper Hub. And my why question today is why do businesses need bookkeepers? And the simplest answer to that is because you should be doing what you’re good at. If you’re good at bookkeeping and your business is bookkeeping, you probably don’t need a bookkeeper. But for every other business, there are things that you should be doing in your business that should make you more money than what you pay to a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers are excellent at speedy recording, knowing where things go, setting up systems, doing payroll, making sure that your BAS’s are in order and your accounts in order and giving you information to help you manage your business, if that’s what you’re doing, but you’re better off doing sales for your business or you’re better off on the tools for your business. You’re wasting your time, you could be making more per hour doing what you do best than what you do paying your bookkeeper. The other thing is the bookkeepers keep you on the straight and narrow. They make sure you’ve got money in the bank, they make sure that your accounts are paid on time, they make sure that people pay you on time. They make sure that payroll is done and paid, that your BAS obligations are correct and paid, that your super obligations are correct and paid. So unless you’ve got the time to manage all that on top of everything else that you as an entrepreneur need to do, you really need a bookkeeper in your business. I’ll see you on the other side.

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